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Entry #3

the cause of the void from meh

2017-12-15 16:46:57 by Abstrack

You guys know well that I am a fervent Microsoft-ill-made-products hater, and then, because of that, I made a small change on my computer... and now, I feel a bit bad about it:


" FL Studio doesn't exist on linux... "


Why didn't you tell me, li'l sneky? :P

Now that I'm stuck listening at your songs 'cause of you - yes, the one reading this too long forgotten sentence, indeed, because of you - I'll have to sit flat at my computer chair during an undefined duration, having a lot of fun making some really cool and nice c++ programs while giving my cute gifts and receiving those from others that will be packed for me - I hope - just before we all swap the current year with the next one, and just before we get back to work/school/atrocities that ates our lifetime. Uh, and did I say the sentence was way too long? ^^

anyways, have a nice holyday!


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